A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

First sorry for my english ^^ '

In this game we're the evil, the final boss. In our journey to dominate the world we need to assemble 4 gems that contain an elementary power (water, fire, air, and earth). The first one got by killing our father, yes i know, not really cool.

So we'll go through 5 dungeons starting by the water one and we'll learn skills that will help to resolve puzzles and fight the different monsters and heroes of the game.

And yes sorry but the game is in french for now so if any of you can help me to translate it in any other language it will be nice.

Im looking for indies to continue the project, pixel artists / developers or anyone who think can help 

If you need any other information just leave a comment or send a mail at shadownt@live.com

About me: Im 20, i just end my 2nd year of university and programming is my hobby.

Hope you enjoy

Install instructions

Just keep the .exe and _data together (inside the Secret of Colors Beta 0.52c folder),  run the .Exe and enjoy :)


Secret of Colors Beta 0.52c.zip (25 MB)
Secret of Colors Beta 0.51eLinux.rar (21 MB)

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